Buying a House

Kinsky/High Bridge

A friend of mine referred me to Amalfi Development. Mr. Braich came out to my home, assessed the interior of my house AND the outside of my house to make a thorough diagnosis. He came back with a professional proposal that addressed the situation with a cost-effective price.

I was impressed by their work ethic (it is arduous work to tear up a basement concrete floor) and their skill as they navigated around the existing structural edifices of my foundation floor. They were exceptionally conscientious and respectful of my home too. They took time to adequately seal-off the rest of my basement/home from the dust, dirt, mud. I also have very young children at home and they made sure not to perform the “heavy-noise” work during the kids’ naps.

The job was done on time and at the price Mal proposed. My water problem is now under control. My wife and I are considering adding an addition to our house. My first AND ONLY call will be to Amalfi Development

I was referred to RAB Development as an experienced general contractor who was qualified to repair structural damage. RAB Development analyzed my home and its repair needs and went to work to fix the problem. The repairs involved installing permanent support columns in my basement and reinforcing the existing frame of my home. I was completely satisfied with the work and the professionalism they displayed. I was also able to use RAB Development for the bulk of finish work including installing new windows, flooring, cabinetry and wallboard. RAB supplied much of the labor and time to remove old plaster and lathe. I would, and have several times, refer any of my friends and family to RAB Development for any type of structural repair, remodeling work or addition.

Heuner/Green Brook

I would like to compliment you on getting my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom remodeled and updated on time and on schedule. My house was on market for 6 months without an offer but sold two weeks after you did the upgrade on the interiors. I know that I couldn’t have done it without your timely and professional work. I was deeply impressed with your attention to details and very pleased with the quality and workmanship of your crew. I also found it very easy to discuss any small issues with you and have them corrected. I knew exactly what was to happen on a daily basis on my project. Based on my experience, I will be happy to refer RAB Development as a very reliable, honest and knowledgeable builder.