Custom homes

Whole house remodels

Interior and exterior renovations

We assist with budget questions and conceptual designs. 

We secure necessary state/local permits and approvals. 

We provide liaison services with local/state building officials. 

We assist in the development of plans and specifications. 

We prepare contracts, supervise construction, create and maintain project documentation, process payment requests, etc. 

We take care of the ordering, payment and delivery of all materials which ensures a smoother job that is completed sooner. 

We have the expertise and experience to get a derailed project back on track. 

We provide sub-contractors’ assessment and evaluations

We conduct feasibility study including design considerations, cost estimate and projected time-frames

Additions, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, basements

Garage and attic conversions

Structural repairs

Residential construction, commercial construction, industrial construction, while the end products may differ, the process of reaching project completion is the same for each. The concept, design and construction performance timeline needs to be planned, executed and controlled. 


RAB Development has a proven success record in providing expert project management consulting services on construction projects of all types during all phases of the project timeline. Our experience in resolving challenging project management issues can help you and your project move from ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting and beyond in an efficient and successful fashion.

If you are homeowners and business owners who want to get projects done with quality, on time, and within budget, let us manage your projects so that you can save money and time!

If you are contractors who just want to swing the hammer and get the job done, let us take care of the management end of things so that you can get your job done early and get on to the next one!